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The Best Reviews of our Music

"Dear Marina & Sergio,
Thank you for sending the promotional CD c/o Dave Stewart.
We have listened to your music and find it very pleasant, the music/melodies/harmonies are excellent.
The female vocals are very pretty. The songs per se are good and easy to listen to [...]
excellent relationship you already have between voice and guitar."
(Dave Stewart, Eurythmics)

"There are some nicely produced parts to this CD that I enjoyed particularly on
Tired Of Lying". (Richard Rogers, NCompass Music, UK)

"I think your material is of a very high standard". (David Enthoven, Ie:music, UK)

"Your CD is nice". (Anna Tooth, The Naim Label, UK)

"The tracks sound very well recorded and the vocals are really good" (Danny Corr, Outafocus Recordings, UK)

"A very beautiful voice and the CD is well produced". (Jacqui Vixen, November Tenth Records, UK)

"Your music is very good". (Jason Smith, Smallman Records, Canada)

"We liked your songs very much". (Nasim Reza-Tehrani, Music Valid, Germany)

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