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Sergio Scola - Biography

A musician-songwriter who has improved his skill working as a performer, a programmer and a sound engineer.

Although he was born in Italy, he started playing American as well as English songs when he was very young. Thanks to his sensibility and natural bent for entertainment, he began studying classical music at the age of thirteen. When he was still a boy, he was involved in school touring which allowed him to become an appreciated blues guitarist. After getting his high school diploma, he studied as a sound engineer joining some famous Italian musicians on stage and training in some of the most important European recording studios.
In 1990 he attended a course in jazz but also took some lessons in composition and arrangement. From 1994 till 1995 he accompanied an English singer playing pop-rock international songs in many Italian clubs. In 1996 together with musician Marina Aureli, he joined an international cover group, called The Black Beat, that was very fond of funky rhythmic, blues melodies, and typically "black" sonorities. Such an experience, which was marked by performances in Italian as well as in European clubs, culminated in a low-budget record production.

He waited for Marina's graduation in order to compose songs in English, which he hopes express his true soul.

Between 2000 and 2009 together with Marina Aureli he wrote, arranged and recorded many songs in his home recording studio called Room Studio Productions.

Between 2010 and 2014 he wrote, produced and directed three music videos, which showed his visual talent.

In 2015 he began performing in clubs/theatres in Italy and abroad.
Later on he attended The International Music Fair (FIM 2018) and began promoting THE CURLS music on the radio and on television.

He is very fond of art, cinema and photography. He also likes writing film and video scripts.

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