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Between 2010 and 2014 Marina and Sergio wrote, produced and directed three music videos entitled "Non Perderti" (Don't Lose Yourself), "Gocce di Te" (Pieces of Life) and "Non Odiarmi" (Never Trust You).

The videos show Marina and Sergio's visual talent.

There are two versions of the videos, the playback version and the complete one provided with a story which makes every video a true short film.

You can find the cut playback versions of the videos below. If you click on the video image you can see and listen to a part of the song.

The uncut playback versions of the videos, together with the complete ones, will be included in a forthcoming DVD.

Non Perderti/Don't Lose Yourself - Video (C) 2011


In 2012 Marina and Sergio produced a CD including the song and the video called "Non Perderti" (Don't Lose Yourself).

The complete version of the video is full of references to the Italian gothic cinema of Mario Bava, Antonio Margheriti and Riccardo Freda, to Dario Argento's "giallo" / thriller, to the cinema of Alfred Hitchcock and to the German expressionist cinema of Robert Wiene.

Gocce di Te/Pieces of Life - Video (C) 2012


This sad and emotional song is dedicated to Marina's father, who passed away some months before the shooting of The Curls' second video.

The complete version of the video contains several references to Dante's Inferno and to Death in its dark shades.

Non Odiarmi/Never Trust You - Video (C) 2013


This is The Curls' third video.
It is a thriller /horror story which shows the duo's visual talent more than usual.
Madness and fear are the main themes, while tension and violence express themselves in a conflict between mother and daughter.

Perché non ci sei?/Why Can't We Be Friends? - Spot Video (P) 2014


This is a short promotional video.
If you click on the image, you can listen to a portion of the song called "Perché non ci sei?" (Why Can't We Be Friends?).

The short versions of the videos are also available on

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