the curls

Where Soulful Music Is Still Alive


The Curls are Marina Aureli and Sergio Scola.

They have begun performing together as a duo, called The Black Beat, singing and playing international songs in European clubs.

They have written original and commercial songs, in English and in Italian, in their recording studio called Room Studio Productions.

The Curls have written, produced and directed three beautiful and evocative music videos entitled "Non Perderti" (Don't Lose Yourself), "Gocce di Te" (Pieces of Life) and "Non Odiarmi" (Never Trust You).
Since their music has been reviewed very well so far, Marina and Sergio keep on writing songs in the hope of stirring the music industry's interest very soon.

They have recently begun performing in clubs and in small theatres in Italy and abroad.
They have attended The International Music Fair (FIM 2018) and have begun promoting their music on the radio and on television.

As independent artists, they are currently looking for an executive producer and a record company that can invest in their project/music in order to promote their bilingual songs.


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All American DiNER

Milan, Italy

Live Club


02 June

Auditorium testori

Milan, Italy

Auditorium / Theatre


05 September


Milan, Italy

Television Programme


30 October

Deejayfox Radio Station

Turin, Italy

Radio Programme